True Love Hoops
True Love Hoops
You may think that the Hula Hoop was a fad born in the 1950s, but in fact people were doing much the same thing with circular hoops made from grape vines and stiff grasses all over the ancient world. More than three thousand years ago, children in Egypt played with large hoops of dried grapevines. The toy was propelled along the ground with a stick or swung around at the waist.

It might be an activity that's done more for fun than fitness, but make no mistake -- hula hooping can be quite a workout.

You can tone your tummy getting fit with the hula hoop. Make sure you're using a weighted one for an extra challenge. Keep in mind that you don't always have to use your hula hoop in the traditional manner -- it can be used to tone all your muscles, not just the abs.

So it's no wonder Hula Hooping is catching on all over the place.

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